Hello, my name is Eve Arbuthnott, and I am the publisher of the Secret Nomad website. For the last few years I have sat through numerous conversations over a drink or two with my friend, the Secret Nomad, where they have bemoaned the state of the small cap market.  They have worked in the City since the days of red braces and the Filofax and seen the small cap world go through many a change. On our last night out, after they had a particularly long moan, I suggested they stop moaning and do something about, and from that conversation, the idea for this website was born.

We have set three core rules for the site:

  1. We will not comment on the investment attractions of individual shares or the market in general – there are plenty of existing websites out there that do this;
  2. We will not make judgements over the behaviour of individual companies, directors, advisers or shareholders, but instead provide impartial information to allow others to do so; and
  3. Only I know who the Secret Nomad is.  They write the articles and send them to me, which I then put into normal English, publish on the website and link to social media.

We look forward to reading the comments of all our followers and hope this will become a trusted source of information for all participants in the small cap market.  We do not claim to be infallible, so if you see an error, please let us know.

See you soon,

Eve xxx

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  1. Some topics for you:

    1. Warrants and how they work
    2. How minority shareholders can convene a GM and table resolutions
    3. Which regulator controls what?
    4. Who gets “finder’s fees”?
    5. Do MMs report share trades in a timely/transparent way?
    6. How does book-running work?
    7. Do placees flip/pre-flip their shares and is it legal?
    8. Do placees hedge by opening a short position?
    9. Can all AIM shares be shorted?
    10. What is a bucket shop?


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